Google AdSense and Making Money Blogging

In your journey with Niche Blogging, Google AdSense is going to be your money maker. All the money you make off of your blogs will come from Google AdSense. You may think that it is bad to limit your possibilities right? Well, this is true but for starters its best to focus on one thing and then once you have a firm grasp on it you can move onto the next thing.

However, the system for making money online with Google AdSense is fool proof. It always works as long as you do what is required from you. It may work better for some people but in every case that I have tried, I have made a least some kind of income with each site I put AdSense on.

How Does it Work?

The way it works is pretty simple, you put up a Google ad on your website and every time someone comes to your site and clicks on an ad you are given some cash. The amount of cash that you can receive depends on a lot of factors but for now the main thing you should know is that different topics and niches have different CPC factors.

A topic as finance will make you a lot more money per click but the competition is more likely to be very fierce. This is why good keyword research is very important and should not be ignored. If you can find a high paying keyword with low competition you can in for a very nice pay day nonce your site gets that number one ranking on Google.

Colors and Placement

So now that you know how Google AdSense works you can start to implement it on your blogs and make money. It is important to note that the colors that you use on you ads will give you different results and they will vary a lot.

Usually you will want to try to blend in your ads to the background of your site as much as you can. Use the same link colour that you use on your website as well. This way the visitors on your site will think that your ads are real content and will click on them more often. This means more money for you as a blogger.

How To Implement Google AdSense On Blogger

The last thing you should know is how to set-up AdSense on your blogger account. It is very simple to do but for beginners you may need some guidance. Here is a link to a post that will show you how to easily set up Google AdSense on your blogger blog.

One last thing to know is that if don't have traffic coming to your websites then you are never going to make any money with Niche Blogging. Your goal here is to get your sites indexed and ranked well in Google and then get people coming to your site via Search Engines.

This is the number one way to easily make money online. If you don't have traffic from the Search Engines then you are never going to make money with your niche blogs.

If you need help with getting Search Traffic read some other posts on my site that will tell you how to get more links to your site and get ranked well in Google.